Toei Animation has been behind a lot of classic anime, from Dragon Ball to Sailor Moon to Digimon to One Piece. And now, it looks like they’re looking to the fans for inspiration for new anime this time around. The studio has now launched their “Toei Animation 100-Year Anime Project,” which aims to discover new creators, new projects, and new ideas for anime. It is a contest that is open for everyone who wants to be an anime creator.

The contest has three courses to choose from, as well as one additional category for creators and creative producers. They have extensive media plans for these projects, and grand prize winners will have their projects animated and then either streamed online or released in theaters. The three courses are:

  • Course A: Anime for Anyone—this course emphasizes ideas and makes it easy for those with no prior anime or animation production experience to try their hand.
  • Course B: Anime for Pros—this course is aimed primarily at people who have previous experience in the field, and it not only emphasizes ideas but also the degree to which the whole work comes together. 
  • Course C: Let’s All Remake—this is a course where people can freely use their ideas to recreate the show Ikyuu-san. 

For the A-C Courses, Toei will be offering a 1 million yen reward. They will also offer the Award of excellence with a cash prize worth 500,000 yen, as well as an honorable mention with a cash prize of 300,000 yen. Toei is now accepting entries until 30th September, and they will announce the winners on April 23, 2020.

As for Course D, people can apply for either the producer, director, animator, or art designer positions. Here, applicants will have a contract work on a project-by-project basis. Those who want to join this course must apply from July 1-August 31, 2019. More details are available via the Toei Animation 100-Year Anime Project Official Website

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source: Crunchyroll


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