These days, we often hear news of whales and dolphins washing up on beaches with tonnes of trash in their stomachs. In Japan, ocean waste is known as Umigomi, and it’s not just causing problems for mother nature, but cosplayers as well. Why? When cosplayers go on shoots at the beach, they want pristine environments. But these days, trash seems to be a normal sight, and no cosplayer would want to do a shoot in a dirty area. And now, Tokyo-based non-profit grant-making organization Nippon Foundation and Cosplay Umigomi Zero Executive Committee have launched a campaign to spread awareness about this ocean waste problem, and it involves cosplayers!

430 cosplayers gathered around Tokyo Tower last June 8, 2019. They then went around the area to clean up any trash they can find. Now, ain’t having a clean photospot to cosplay in great? And yes, there was someone who cosplayed Cleaning Levi from Attack on Titan.

The World Cosplay Summit also cooperated in the clean-up, and the event was called “Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Great Mission!”. Now that’s sending a powerful message to everyone to keep the environment safe.

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source: Japan Times


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