Want more Franchouchou? You’re in luck, because the zombie girls from the hit TV anime, Zombie Land Saga, will be holding their own virtual concert. The group is teaming up with projection company, NAKED, has teamed up with the series for the performance. It will be held at the Saga Prefectural Government Office Observation Hall, which is the prefecture’s highest point.

The Saga Prefectural Government Office Observation Hall also boasts a 360 degree view of surrounding areas. The local government has also launched a “tourism at night” initiative in its south side. That is where they will hold the projection mapping for the virtual concert.

It will be a fully digital performance, with the views of Saga prefecture itself serving as backdrops. The virtual concert venue will also feature several life-size standees of the Franchouchou members, as well as a merchandise shop which will sell limited edition Zombie Land Saga goodies. The concert will be called ZOMBIE NIGHT SAGA, and it will launch from July 19, 2019 until January 31, 2020.

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source: Animeanime.jp


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