These days, even adult works are getting licensed releases internationally thanks to companies like Enshodo and Fakku. However, that being said, majority of adult manga from Japan are still being pirated in many sites. This has prompted adult mangaka Aiue Oka to implore fans to buy original works to support the artists. In a twitter post, the mangaka tweeted in English to ask fans to buy original:

“It has come to my attention that two of my latest works are currently being illegally uploaded and distributed. These are currently being localized by ENSHODO, and I would like to ask my fans to please support us by purchasing our works legally once available.”

Among fans of adult manga, Oka is best known for Hypnotic Sexual Counseling, Secret Engagement, I Want That Little Devil Kashima to Wring Me Out!, and My Beloved Shipgirl.

Several mangaka have already implored fans to buy their works instead of just pirating them or downloading them illegally. These include Gujira (Gal toka Bitch toka Iroiro) who said that pirating affected his desire to continue working in the adult manga business. Others also include mangaka Souryu, who is behind such works like Machimaho: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl!. In a statement, he wrote “I have a favor to everyone in the English-speaking world, “My Manga ‘MACHIMAHO’ is officially translated version published. Please purchase an official book, not an unofficial one you translated without permission. You can purchase on Amazon.”

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