Several companies have already set up donations for the victims for the big Kyoto Animation Arson fire. They include Animate, Crunchyroll, and of course, Sentai Film Works. But now, KyoAni itself is accepting donations directly.

They have now opened an account just for the donations, and here is the information:

Bank Name: The Kyoto Shinkin Bank
Branch Name: Minami Momoyama Branch
Branch Number: 048
Address: 16-50, Yosai, Momoyama-cho, Hushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-hu, 612-8016, Japan
Account Number: 0002890
Account Holder: Kyoto Animation, Co., Ltd., representative director Hatta Hideaki

KyoAni says that they will be giving the money collected to the burned victims and grieving families of the deceased. They will also use some of the money to rebuild, but did not specify how they would use it. Kyoto Animation president Hideaki Hatta stated that he plans to demolish the now-burned out Studio 1 and open a public park as a memorial to those who died. He is also considering a memorial ceremony as well. In a previous statement, Hatta said that all materials, physical and digital, have been burned in the fire.

34 people died in the arson fire which was caused by a 41-year old man. Police described him as unstable, and he believed that the studio “stole his work”. He came to the studio with a lot of flammable liquid before lighting it up. He also shouted “Die!” as he lit the fire before running away. Eyewitnesses also stated that he also shouted that Kyoto Animation “ripped him off”.

Support is still pouring in from fans and colleagues around the world. We here at SGCafe send our condolences and support to the beleaguered family and friends of those who perished in the attack. We also condemn the actions of the suspect who destroyed so many lives on that day. May those who passed away rest in peace.

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