Because of the Kyoto Animation arson fire, the staff behind Fire Force has decided to delay the anime’s third episode last week. And now, they have finally aired that delayed episode. But to remain respectful of those who passed away in the KyoAni fire, the staff decided to edit the episode.

According to the announcement by MBS, the new 3rd episode changed the color scheme of the flames, as well as the narration. They also added that from episode 4 onwards, they will deal with similar situations accordingly.

34 people have died in the horrific arson fire which happened in KyoAni’s main studio. Tokyo police have now identified all 34 of these victims who perished in the flames. As for the arsonist, he is now in police custody and is awaiting trial. The investigation for the incident is still ongoing, but the event has been dubbed the worst mass murder in Japan in decades.

Support is still pouring in from fans and colleagues around the world. We here at SGCafe send our condolences and support to the beleaguered family and friends of those who perished in the attack. We also condemn the actions of the suspect who destroyed so many lives on that day. May those who passed away rest in peace.

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