Last year, animation studio P.A. Works opened their Professional Animator Training Program, offering up year-long courses in key animation and in-between animation. In fact, four of the first batch of students are now working for P.A. Works! And now, the studio has released a video on the daily lives of their animation school’s students. Inm particular, it focuses on a young animator named Yousuke Hiramatsu.

The video shows Hiramatsu commuting to school and drawing animation frames for his homework. The video also features two of the studio’s animation directors in Tsukasa Miyazaki and Yuusuke Inoue. Both have worked on several P.A. Works anime like Uma Musume and IRODOKU.

Hiramatsu says that he’s still not satisfied with his work. But then again, he is still learning, and that is why he is still in animation school. Good luck to you!

As for the studio’s Professional Animator Training Program, it is now accepting applications for its 2020 course. Unfortunately, they’re not offering visa statuses for foreign applicants. They can still apply, but P.A. Works won’t be helping in the visa process.

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