Leonardo diCaprio and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi are co-producing the upcoming live-action Akira film. Unfortunately, it looks like that film is going to be delayed indefinitely.  According to Hollywood entertainment website, Variety, Waititi is also directing the upcoming Thor 4 movie, and that the production schedules for it and Akira overlapped.

Warner Bros. was caught unaware of Waititi’s decision to postpone and says they hope that the director would resume his work after Thor 4’s filming. According to Variety, the director was already “in the midst of meeting with young Japanese actors”  for Akira’s two leads when the decision to postpone came. It also seems that there were creative disagreements on the upcoming project as well.

Originally, the film was expected to start filming this summer, but was later moved to fall. And with this latest delay, it’s now uncertain when they will even start filming. If Waititi would be returning to the project to direct it, he previously said in an interview that he wanted to adapt the original story from the manga and not the anime film. While Katsuhiro Otomo wrote the original manga and also directed the classic anime film, the stories of both versions are actually slightly different from one another.

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source: Variety


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