The latest run of the live-action Bungou Stray Dogs stage play was a huge success. It it seems that it was so successful that they’re making a live-action Bungou Stray Dogs movie for the franchise as well! During the final performance of the play, the staff announced that they’re adapting Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa’s popular detective manga into a feature-length live-action movie.

Unfortunately, they did not reveal any further details yet. We still don’t know the film’s staff, cast, producer, release date, and other information. However, the staff did promise to make more announcements about the movie soon enough.

The film itself will be adapting the stage plays, and it is also very possible that the play’s cast will be the ones who will be starring in the movie adaptation and reprising their roles. Unfortunately, the cast is still not officially confirmed yet, so we’ll never know unless they announce the cast officially.

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source: Bungou Stray Dogs official website


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