Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? (Okaa-san Online for short) is one of the most talked about anime this season because of the most unlikely isekai main character of them all… a mom! Mamako has been gathering a huge fanbase even before the anime because of the source light novels. And now that there’s an anime adaptation, people are expecting her fanbase to explode.

And to promote the anime, the staff have set up a booth where passers by can lie down and place their heads in mamako’s lap. And as expected, a lot of fans actually lied down in the middle of a public walkway in Akihabara, just to place their heads in Mamako’s lap.


Of course, it shocked a lot of passers by. But then again, this is Akihabara we’re talking about…

The anime follows protagonist Masato. He was chosen to go on an isekai adventure, but there’s a catch… his mom has to go with him! And while he is stuck with just average stats, his mom turns out to be extremely overpowered.

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