Yes folks, you read that title right! Pokemon GO is teaming up with One Piece for a very special collaboration which features a Pikachu wearing Luffy’s straw hat. It will also feature Luffy’s iconic hat to be a wearable item for players as well. This is a collaboration with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda and Kumamoto Prefecture’s “revitalization campaign”.

In addition, they’re also turning those statues of the Strawhat Pirates in Eiichiro Oda’s hometown in Kumamoto into a Pokestop. The Pikachu wearing Luffy’s hat will be available from July 22-29, while the hats themselves will be released as in-game items soon. This will be a global release.

The statues were raised as a thank you to the mangaka for his outreach to his hometown following the 2016 earthquake. Oda raised 800 million yen to help out the people from his home prefecture. Four of those statues will be going up next year, with another four more to follow next year. And now, they will become Pokestops for Pokemon GO players, which is still quite popular despite many of the more casual players saying that the game is dead already. Yes folks, Pokemon GO is still alive and well!

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Source: Pokemon GO Live


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