Shoko Nakagawa is considered a superstar in Japan. She’s not just a singer and actress, but a seiyuu and illustrator as well. Oh, and she cosplays too! And now, she just made her own Pokemon manga, and it’s all about the first generation. Nakagawa is a huge Pokemon fan, and even co-hosts the Pokemon variety show. She also voices several characters in the anime. Her manga depicts how she first fell in love with the Pokemon franchise. And yes, she drew this herself and posted it on Twitter:

In the manga, she depicts her younger self having a hard time picking between Venusaur and Charizard in the original Red and Green games. In the end, she went with Squirtle as her starter. She also showed memories of her watching the anime, as well as watching Pokemon: The First Movie and how she cried while watching it. The manga ends with her going home with her grandfather and looking up at the night sky.

Aside from being a huge Pokemon fan, Shokotan is also quite infamous for being a Jojo fanatic. She’s also a big Free! fan, as well as a Final Fantasy fan.

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