The Kyoto Animation fire has now claimed 34 lives, and damage to the studio is “Extreme,” as KyoAni president Hideaki Hatta described the material and digital damage in a press conference. He said that he is heartbroken at the loss of life, and every one of those who passed away was a fine colleague. The Kyoto Animation president also stated that the fire burned down everything in their first studio, from the PCs containing all their files, to the production materials for all the anime they have worked on. Now they are all gone.

Now, the studio has a lot of animators and workers affected. Yes, the studio will be getting some money back from insurance, but sadly, that won’t even cover the emotional trauma for its workers, as well actually help out the animators. But worry not, because there are a lot of options for you to help out the beloved animation studio behind Violet Evergarden, K-On!, A Silent Voice, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sound! Euphonium, and Lucky Star. Here they are:


Sentai Filmworks’ Go Fund Me for KyoAni

Kyoto Animation has worked with Sentai Filmworks to distribute and give subtitles to their works for countries outside of Japan. And now, this partner is helping out their friends in need with their own Go Fund Me page. Here is the link:

The official KyoAni store.
You can buy the digital print products via Kyoto Animation directly. These include artworks from their anime such as Free!, Liz and the Blue Bird, and many many more! And since this is KyoAni’s official shop, you’ll know that the money you spend for a digital artwork will go directly to them. Here’s how to buy a digital artwork and help the studio out:



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