Are you ready for more coffee goodness? Well, Is The Order a Rabbit?’ is back with a new OVA titled Sing For You. And now, the staff is teasing the new OVA with a brand new trailer. And speaking of teasing, this new video features one of the most mysterious characters in the entire franchise… Chino’s mom!

The staff have confirmed that none other than Nana Mizuki (Naruto’s Hinata Hyuuga and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’s Fate T. Harlaown) will be voicing her. In addition, Hiroyuki Hashimoto is returning to direct the OVA at production doA.

The OVA itself will be released in both Blu-ray and DVD formats on September 26, 2019. It will follow Chino who is chosen to perform a solo during a school concert. Rize helps her practice, and she and her friends even end up doing a karaoke concert.

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