There will be an election happening in Japan later this month, on July 21, 2019 to be exact. And one man is urging Japanese citizens to participate in the elections to cast their ballots, and that is Yu-Gi-Oh! creator and mangaka Kazuki Takahashi. He usually posts his artworks on Instagram, and he posted the message there. It also seems that Takahashi isn’t such a big fan of the current ruling party, the Liberal Democrats, which is of course led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In his post, the mangaka featured Yami Yugi, the Dark Magician, and the Dark Magician Girl. He urged “all duelists” to “Vote for Justice”. He also wrote that “the current administration is betraying its own country”, and also added that he wonders if Japan’s future is OK.

124 of the 245 seats from the Japanese Diet’s Upper House, the House of Councilors, will be up for grans in this election. Abe’s party, Liberal Democrats, is currently in control. Given how Takahashi isn’t such a big fan of the party, he is urging people to change things up and make their voices heard.

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