Ladies and Gentlemen, they’re baaaaaaaack! The official website for Zombie Land Saga has now updated, and it reveals that they will be releasing a new sequel project for the anime. The project’s title is Zombie Land Saga Revenge, and they even unveiled a brand new “Kick-off video” starring Japanese actor Hakuryu.

The staff also revealed a brand new visual featuring Koutarou Tatsumi. Kinda makes you wonder what the heck he is up to now, huh?

Unfortunately, the staff did not reveal any further details about this sequel. We do know that it will be a TV anime though. However, do expect that the staff reveal more details about this sequel project in the days to come.

The original anime was a collaboration project between MAPPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames. It follows seven zombies who were resurrected by a mad “producer” named Tatsumi. Now, they must become idols and “save Saga”.

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