Cosplayers often take liberties in their cosplays, putting a personal touch to the character they’re portraying. However, this also begs the question on how much liberties should a cosplayer take? During the fourth and final day of Comiket 96, one cosplayer named Ichiha Hamatsu (@ichichiha on Twitter) has irked a lot of Attack on Titan fans for her Sasha Braus cosplay. It seems that she has sexualized the character a bit too much, as her lower half isn’t even wearing any pants.

Hamatsu says that she’s cosplaying Sasha, but fans really begged to differ. They pointed out that the character doesn’t really dress like that, and many complained that it was too sexualized. Her critics also pointed out that saying that this is cosplay would be an “insult” to other cosplayers who actually try to cosplay as accurately to the source material as possible. Oh, and she did this pose too, which made fans really angry.


Meanwhile, another pointed out that she was just wearing an unlicensed/bootleg Attack on Titan swimsuit from China worth 1,000 yen.

However, a few did defend her, pointing out that despite not accurately cosplaying Sasha, she still attracted a ton of photographers. But then again, anyone with a skimpy outfit does seem to attract them in droves.

Her choice of cosplay does spark a debate on whether or not sexualized costumes of characters who aren’t even sexualized to begin with should be considered cosplay, or that taking too much liberties on a character should even be allowed. The debate rages on, but what do you guys think?

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