Good news, Esports fans in Singapore! With the rise of Esports in the country, Bountie Arena has launched Singapore’s premiere Esports and gaming lifestyle venue. Situated at the heart of Singapore’s start-up and innovation community at One-North, the 6,600 square foot venue will feature top-of-the-line equipment and facilities to complement the growing Esports scene in Singapore. At launch, the gaming and Esports facility will charge a promotional price of just one dollar per hour for users to access its facilities – which include an Atari pong machine, a PlayStation 4, two Pandora Box arcade machines and over 100 high specification gaming desktops.

With the launch of the esports and gaming lifestyle venue, Bountie Arena aims to provide an immersive 360-experience for the gaming and innovation community in Singapore. Aside from its esports facilities, Bountie Arena will also house an ecosystem of related lifestyle features, including a gaming-themed café, console-gaming room, an adult ball pit, and Singapore’s first flagship store for professional and competitive darts brand, PHOENIXDARTS.

Meanwhile, here’s how they describe their Esports facility:

As Singapore’s premiere Esports and gaming lifestyle facility, Bountie Arena boasts of several world-class facilities. This includes its crown jewel – a 13-metre-wide, high-resolution LED display panel running at 144 hertz and stage area optimised for Esports tournaments and events. The main gaming area consists of 60 high specification gaming desktops and accessories by ASUS Republic of Gamers, along with four VIP gaming rooms optimised for private training. These private training rooms each feature five high-end gaming desktops and accessories, allowing for Esports teams and co-curricular activity clubs to formulate and practice their strategies. In partnership with MyRepublic, gamers and Esports athletes at Bountie Arena will be powered by the local broadband retailer’s high-speed internet – promising for a seamless play experience.

And not only that, but they have several other facilities as well, including a classroom!

In addition, Bountie Arena’s 20-seater classroom is also equipped with top-of-the-line presentation equipment and high-end desktops. Bountie Arena aims to work with technology brands and private educational institutions to utilise its classroom for private courses geared towards value-adding to the knowledge and skillsets of gamers. These include, but are not limited to digital-based courses, gamification and Esports-related courses.

As a gaming lifestyle venue, Bountie Arena aims to provide a holistic 360-experience for innovators and gamers to immerse themselves in their field. Bountie Arena will house several food and beverage options, such as a trendy gourmet instant noodle café, and an in-house bubble tea brand café (Bountea). The arena will also feature a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine – set-up in partnership with Coca-Cola, where guests can enjoy up to 165 different combinations of flavours. Gamers can also access alternative gaming platforms, with a console gaming room featuring a PlayStation 4, two sets of Nintendo Switches and one set of accompanying Nintendo Labo Set, two Pandora box arcade machines, and a retro Atari pong machine.

Guests looking for non-gaming activities can also choose to lounge in the ball pit (to be ready by early August) or play darts at the electronic soft-tip dartboards by PHOENIXDARTS, the first in Singapore to feature an LED-carpet. The competitive darts brand from Korea will also be setting up their local flagship store in the Bountie Arena, where dart enthusiasts can purchase equipment and paraphernalia for the sport.

Bountie Arena is located above one-north MRT at One Fusionopolis Way, #B1-06/07/08, and is open from 11:00am to 00:00am daily. Entry rates will be at a promotional price of one dollar per hour for each user for the first 2 months of opening and will be revised after that period.

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