Kyoto Animation is still recovering from that horrific arson fire that killed 35 people. However, they’re also receiving a huge outpouring of support from all over the world. And now, one of their old partners are helping them out as well. Key Visual Arts is responsible for developing CLANNAD, AIR, and Kanon. And of course, KyoAni animated these three visual novels, and they went on to become classics. And now, Key has given the beleaguered studio a ton of money… around 10 million yen!

The visual novel developer released a statement regarding their donation:

“To all employees of Kyoto Animation,

We are struggling to find the words to express the deep sadness we feel about the painful tragedy you have gone through. We wish to offer our sincere condolences for those who have passed away, and are praying for as swift a recovery as possible for those who suffered injuries.

Through the wonderful talents and tremendous efforts of Kyoto Animation, the Key works Kanon, Air, and Clannad have been able to emotionally touch people around the world. The thoughts of our employees, as well as those of fans of our works, are with Kyoto Animation.

We look forward to Kyoto Animation continuing to produce heartwarming anime that stir the emotions and give courage to people in Japan and throughout the world.”

KyoAni has remained defiant in the wake of the arson attack, and is even moving forward with the release of the Violent Evergarden movie and spin-off. Meanwhile, several news outlets have reported that not all was lost in KyoAni’s Studio 1 building. According to the studio’s lawyer, Daisuke Okeda, a server containing digital versions of several production materials was saved from the fire. It was away from where the arsonist started the fire and was also surrounded by thick concrete walls, so the fire never really made it to the server.

Things are now looking up for Kyoto Animation as the studio tries to recover from that horrific arson fire. And we wish everyone of the staff who are still injured a speedy recovery. We here at SGCafe also send our condolences to the families of those who passed away in the fire.

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sources: Sora News 24, Key official website


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