While the mecha genre has been falling in popularity these days, the Gundam franchise has been booming. In fact, its plastic model line, GunPla, has been selling lots of kits left and right, and this is not just for Japan. International sales bring up much of Bandai’s revenue for GunPla, and the demand is rising. And because of that, Bandai Spirits has decided to open a new factory that makes these Gundam plastic model kits.

They call it the Bandai Hobby Center Shinkan factory, and Bandai Spirits will begin production in Fall 2020. Its opening anticipates the increased demand for GunPa for its new and upcoming anime, the franchise’s ongoing 40th anniversary celebrations, and of course, the live-action Hollywood movie. It will begin construction in the grounds of their existing Bandai Hobby Center this December, and the expansion will add six new machines. They plan to increase production to 1.4x the capacity starting August 2019. They also plan to hire more workers as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam first debuted in 1979. And 40 years later, it has grown to become one of the most successful mecha franchises ever. It has spawned countless anime and spin-offs, as well as novels, manga, and video games. And with this new factory, expect Bandai Spirits to flood the market with more plastic models by next year. And with the 40th anniversary ongoing, expect them to also release even more new plastic model kits from their various lines like MG, RG, HG, and PG. Expect more non-graded models too!

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source: Animeanime.jp


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