There are fans of a single series that are so dedicated that they have memorized every single detail of every episode in their head. There are also those who know a lot about the series, and even information about the characters often not mentioned in the show or from its source material. And then there are the collectors who seek to own every single merchandise from that one specific franchise. One of them is Japan’s Hitoshi Uchida. He has a pretty large Dragon Ball collection, and it’s so large that the Guinness Book of World Records has now officially named his collection as the world’s largest collection of Dragon Ball memorabilia.

His collection has 10,098 individual items, and it doesn’t just feature Goku figures, but also other merchandise.Uchida says that he used to collect gacha erasers as a kid, but now, he buys all sorts of items. His own room alone features over 4,000 items featuring Son Goku alone. He even quit his job just for the world record attempt!

Uchida has loved Dragon Ball since he was a kid, much like many of us, but his dedication was so huge that he would try and score Dragon Ball Gatcha items in middle school from far away just so his classmates won’t make fun of him. And yes, he has even landed a life-size Son Goku figure. He also admitted that he would want  to one day meet Goku’s seiyuu, Masako Nozawa, as she is one of his inspirations.

Now that’s what you call a fan!

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