Koei Tecmo is best known for their Dynasty Warriors games AKA the Musou games. And now, it has been reported that they have trademarked several new Musou titles, but one of them got fans really talking. That one is called Isekai Musou, which certainly got fans speculating if this is an original title or a massive crossover between Isekai anime, much like their Gundam Musou, Hyrule Musou, and Fire Emblem Musou games.

But as nice as an isekai crossover might sound, one must remember that these isekai titles are divided among some big companies that might not want to share their titles. In other words, we might not see Kodansha titles like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime having a crossover with Kadokawa titles like Re:Zero and KonoSuba. Let’s just say that if this Musou game is a crossover, it’s most likely gonna be featuring one major company only.

Koei Tecmo announced other titles too. In fact, they announced a total of five new Musou titles. They are:


  • “Isekai Musou”
  • “Gakuen Musou”
  • “Tensei Musou”
  • “Musou Play“
  • “Musou Mode“

Unfortunately, they just trademarked these titles and might not even start working on them anytime soon. That includes Isekai Musou too, so don’t get your hopes up too much that it’s getting released by next year or so.

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