Last month, the anime industry was rocked when an insane man lit up Kyoto Animation and burned down their main studio. The arson killed 35 people and also destroyed billions of yen worth of damage. But believe it or not, 30 pieces of artworks survived the fire. And now, KyoAni is putting these survivors on display during a free exhibition. Yes folks, it will be free!

The exhibition is now happening at the Imai Shoten Group Center book store’s STUDIO WONDER section. It will be there until August 31, so better drop by if you’re in town. Aside form the surviving artwork, it will also feature five new original art pieces, all of which are signed by various KyoAni directors.

They actually planned this exhibition before the arson happened, and KyoAni wanted it to push through despite what happened. As for the artworks, they weren’t burned or soaked by the firemen’s water hosts because KyoAni kept them from a separate place, quite far from where the arson burned almost everything down.

As for people seeking to help KyoAni out, there is also a donation box within the exhibition. Those visiting can give out money, and the museum will then give it to KyoAni.

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source: Livedoor News


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