While Japan is still reeling at the worst mass murder in the country in decades, it seems that the arson attack in Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 just emboldened one person. Police arrested 40-year old Kenichi Hiratsuka after he allegedly sent game studio Square Enix a threat to burn down their studio. He apparently told the Final Fantasy developer that he wants his money back for a “shitty game” and asked them if they “Want me to do a repeat of Kyoto Animation?”

After his arrest, Hiratsuka told admitted to sending the message after he was pissed off for losing in a smartphone game. Police also raided his home, but did not find any gasoline or flammable liquid in his house.

This is not the first time someone threatened to kill people over at Square Enix either. Last spring, police arrested a man for threatening to kill the game studio’s staff. The man was frustrated at one of their smartphone game’s gatcha mechanics, as he reportedly spent 200,000 yen and still did not get the in-game item he wanted. He sent the email out of revenge.

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source: Fuji News Network via Kotaku


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