China may be known for producing bootleg products, from shoes to medicine to anime figures. However, Shanghai police has just dealt a massive blow to bootleg anime companies, as they conducted a massive raid against a large-scale pirated figure factory. There, they seized 4.5 billion yen/300 million yuan worth of pirated anime figures.

Among those seized are unlicensed copies of various Japanese figures, such as One Piece, Pokemon, Marvel, and Hatsune Miku. They then sell these figures a lot cheaper than what the original costs. However, these cheap knock-offs are known to be bad imitations, sporting shoddy paint jobs and distorted parts.

The police also arrested 25 people, as well as 1,200 figure molds. The confiscated figures number to approximately a million pieces. A company specializing in pirating anime figures from Japan is running the factory. It is based on Guangzhou and Dongguan, and owns nine production lines and three warehouses.

The case itself is still under investigation, and it’s still unknown whether the Japanese companies like Bandai will be taking action since the raid revealed many of their products were illegally copied.

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source: CCTV via CNBeta


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