Sunrise has now launched a new channel on YouTube, and it’s called the “Gundam Channel”. The channel has now uploaded the first three episodes of around 22 Gundam series, and will be adding even more soon. Of course, this includes the original itself, Mobile Suit Gundam from 1979. The channel will be streaming Gundam anime content, as well as PVs. Speaking of which, they have even released the first PV for the upcoming Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE anime:

They also released a new key visual for the anime, which also reveals the main characters and GunPla as well:

Sunrise Beyond will be animating the new project, with Gundam UC’s Yasuyuki Muto writing the scripts.

Re:RISE will introduce a new “Planet System” where the main Gundam, the “Core Gundam” can change its armors. The new GunPla will include:

Earthree Gundam

Core Gundam

Marsfour Gundam

Veetwo Gundam

Gundam Justice Knight

Wodom Pod

Valkylander Mode of Gundragon

Gundam Seltsam

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE will be set two years after the previous anime, and is still part of the Gundam Build Divers universe. It will premiere in October 2019 via the Gundam Channel and

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