Back in 2016, Bandai’s TabeMas (Taberareru Mascot) introduced a cute little sweet treat for One Piece fans featuring Tony Tony Chopper. And now, that sweet treat is returning, and bringing with it its timeskip version! That’s right folks, those cute TabeMas treats are back!

The pre-timeskip version with the pink hat will be sakura flavoured, while the post-timeskip version with the blue hat  and sparkly eyes will be chocolate-flavored. Both treats will feature those flavors as stuffings  inside a cute and soft shell, which is just Chopper really. But that doesn’t matter because the two look just too cute to even eat!

Japanese Seven Eleven stores are now selling these cute little treats for 258 yen each. It comes with a box packaging, and those who buy it must consume it immediately. Now, the question is, would you even eat these cute little treats?

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source: Comic Natalie


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