It’s been a month since the horrific arson fire that happened in Kyoto Animation’s main studio. 35 people passed away, and the studio suffered millions worth of damage. The police have previously revealed the names of 10 of the victims, but withheld the names of the 25 others for privacy reasons. And now, the Japanese media, specifically, 12 news agencies from Kyoto itself, are asking the police to release the names of the rest of the victims.

The 12 news agencies actually sent a letter to Kyoto Prefectural Police director Hiroto Ueda. It said that the situation was “irregular” compared to similar incidents in the past. However, the request to name the other 25 victims was met with much criticism.

Seiyuu Megumi Ogata, best known for voicing Shinji Ikari in Evangelion, said that some of the names are already common knowledge, but even so, it should be enough for people to symphatize with the victims. She also blasted the journalists asking for the names by asking them to add bylineswith their names on them. Another critic is Sailor Moon and Aria director Junichi Sato. He says that the news agencies have a “responsibility to prevent secondary damage that may arise from their reporting.” He then added that they should show that they’re going to help prevent that damage from happening first.

KyoAni itself has asked the media to respect the privacy of the victims and the bereaved. However, KyoAni lawyer Daisuke Ikeda has said that they are not asking the police to hold back the information about the victims forever.

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Source: ANN


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