This is it folks, Weathering With You tickets are now on sale here in Singapore! Encore Films will be releasing the movie in the country on September 12th, and audiences can now book their tickets in advance online. Here is the link:

Chosen as Japan’s entry for the best international feature film category at the 2020 Oscars. The film is the second animated feature put forward by Japan since Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke” in 1998. Weathering With You has passed the USD100 million (10.7 billion yen) mark at the domestic box office, making it the biggest Japanese film domestically since Your Name in 2016. It has alsop premiered in the Philippines as well. In Asia, Weathering With You was released in Hong Kong & Indonesia, and the movie top the box office in opening week in both countries. Other Asia countries will be releasing soon in August and September.

Meanwhile, Encore Films is organising Weathering With You Singapore Premiere on Fri 6 Sept, 7.30pm at Capitol Theatre. Fans can get the chance to watch the movie before it opens on 12 Sept, and redeem exclusive movie premiums, i.e. transparent umbrella, notebook as seen in movie; A2 movie poster and invite card.

The local release will have Japanese audio with English and Chinese subtitles. Here is how Encore Films describes its story:

When small town high schooler Hodaka Morishima makes a go at living on his own in Tokyo for the first time, it isn’t long before he finds steady work writing for a local magazine focused on all things strange and supernatural — but the most interesting thing happening in the boy’s life is the unusual weather. Rain’s common enough in the city that at first, no one makes much of the recent torrential showers that never seem to end, but unbeknownst to nearly everyone, a young girl named Hina Amano who has the ability to control the weather walks among them.

While Shinkai is directing the film and doing the original story, Comix Wave Films will once again produce the animation. Masayoshi Tanaka is returning to do the character designs from your name as well.

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