Berserk, that other manga infamous for its long and frequent hiatuses, is returning from its latest hiatus. This time though, it was kinda short for Berserk standards, as its hiatuses often last for YEARS. But now, the official website for Young Animal magazine has announced that Kentaro Miura’s hiatus-ridden manga is returning for active duty for the magazine’s 17th issue on August 23.

The hiatus started last April, so it lasted around eight months. Though short hiatuses (again, this is Berserk, eight months is considered short) would mean that fans are happy they get to see Guts again faster than expected. And to celebrate the return, Miura is opening the new chapter with some color pages!

Berserk is considered as one of the two kings of hiatuses, the other being Hunter x Hunter of course. And while the fact that Berserk is returning is cause for celebration, expect many fans already rolling their eyes and making jokes as to when the next hiatus will happen.

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