Shogakukan Asia Pte Ltd has revealed that they have now licensed new titles for its manga bestseller imprint for distribution in Southeast Asia. These new titles include:

Promise Cinderella

A new line of romance manga aimed at working ladies, Popular twitter and Pixiv manga artist Oreco Tachibana crafts a tale of modern day fairy-tale romance with [Promise Cinderella]. Ex-delinquent Hayame finds her happily married life turned upside down. Things couldn’t get any worse, until she runs into rich brat Issei, whom she had previously humiliated! Licensed and translated for the first time in English from Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday Manga website (Magi: The adventures of Sinbad, The Legendary Hero is Dead) , [Promise Cinderella] Vol.1 will be available for sale on the 20th September 2019 at SGD 10.90.

Damekoi: The Late-night guide to Bad Romance

Hailing from Shogakukan’s Petit comic lineup, [Damekoi] tells the story of 3 single ladies who trade stories of bad men and dates when they get together every night. The popularity of the series resulted in a Live action TV series in 2018. [Damekoi] Vol.1 will be available for sale at the end of the 2019 at SGD 10.90.

Horror Theatre Yamishibai

An adaptation of the wildly popular 2013 Japanese animated series, now well into its 7th season on TV, Yamishibai enthrals younger audiences with sinister tales of urban horror stories and myths as told by a street storyteller. Replete with imagery of horror stories popularised by Japanese movies and pop culture, this exciting 1st volume is now available for the first time to English speaking audiences and is scheduled to be released on 27th September 2019 at SGD $10.90.

The Best of Junji Ito Short Story Collection

This volume includes ten of the acclaimed author’s short stories, selected exclusively from the Shogakukan publisher catalogue, presented and accompanied with a gallery of six colour illustrations. Presented in its original form for the first time in English, this lavish large format anthology comes with full colour sections for your enjoyment. Aimed at mature readers, this series promises to thrill audiences with Junji Ito’s macabre storytelling. [The Best of Junji Ito Short Story Collection] will be available for sale in Southeast Asia in October 2019 at SGD $34.90.

These titles will be released in Southeast Asia soon, so watch out for them in your local bookstores which sell Shogakukan titles.

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