Ever wonder what might happen if Boruto were to meet the kid version of his dad, Naruto? You know, the version of Naruto before all that character development? The version that like Boruto, does pranks just to get attention? Well, he’s about to meet him in the anime for a new arc! This arc celebrates 20 years of Naruto, and they’re bringing back the original kid version!

The new 20th anniversary arc will happen in October. The anime’s official website also revealed that miwa will perform the new OP song starting 6th October, while Longman will perform the new ED song “Wish On.”

So, what’s gonna happen when Boruto sees the kid version of his dad? Sure, the teenage version of Naruto was quite good, but the kid version was rough around the edges. He was hot-blooded, wasn’t as proficient with his jutsus, and tended to go berserk a lot more. Now that would be very interesting, as Boruto only knows the “Hokage” version of his dad.

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source: TV Tokyo


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