Domino’s Pizza is one of the biggest pizza franchises in the world. And i-i-it’s not like they w-want to serve you… baka! And now, Domino’s Japan has come up with a unique pizza topped with a ton of jalapeños. They call it the Tsundere Pizza.

But what makes this pizza a Tsundere? Well, for starters, the “Tsun” part comes from them Jalapeño Peppers. They certainly have a kick, and is a good representation of the harsh “Tsun” part. But what about the “dere” part, which is the affectionate part of Tsundere? Well, it’s the cheese! Cheese is made of milk, and milk is known to have nutrients and enzymes which cut down the heat of many peppers.

And yes, a fan already made a fan art of the new Tsundere pizza… baka!

The pizza itself costs 2,800 yen for a medium-sized pie, 3,399 yen for a regular, and 3,900 yen for a large. Unfortunately, the pizza itself is only exclusive to Japan, but given its popularity towards English users, Domino’s might consider introducing it abroad.


source: Sora News 24


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