Mangaka Hiro Mashima loves doing crossovers, especially with the manga he creates. And now, three of his biggest manga titles today, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and Eden’s Zero, are having a crossover manga of their own! It will be a mini-series, and it will debut inside the pages of Weekly Shounen Magazine in October. Mashima himself even tweeted a teaser visual for this crossover manga:

The crossover celebrates Shounen Magazine’s 60th anniversary, and will be running alongside Mashima’s current manga, Eden’s Zero. Mashima noted in his tweet that it was Shounen Magazine’s staff which asked him to do something for their 60th anniversary, so he’s doing a crossover.

Mashima previously released a crossover between Rave Master and Fairy Tail back in 2011, titled Fairy Tail x Rave Master. The Fairy Tail TV anime then adapted the crossover manga into an episode in 2013.

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