The Pokemon Sword and Shield games have revealed a new Pokemon species, and it evolves from a classic 1st Generation Pokemon! Yes folks, Farfetch’d is getting an evolution in Sword and Shield, and it’s called Sirfetch’d, a Flying-type Pokemon who uses a Lance and Shield… made out of leeks.

Apparently, Sirfetch’d is a knight and somehow lost its Flying type. As for its techniques, it has the new exclusive move Meteor Assault. It is still unclear how Farfetch’d will be evolving into Sirfetch’d in the the game, though it seems it will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

The games will also introduce a new feature called “Max Raid Battles” which can allow up to four people to join in in a Pokemon battle. It works similarly to Pokemon GO’s raid battles basically. Aside from that, they’re also introducing “Wild Areas,” which are open areas between cities for  trainers to explore, and there will be wild Pokemon moving about. Pokemon Sword and Shield  will be released for the Nintendo Switch globally on November 15.

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