Ladies and gentlemen, he’s baaaaaaaaaack! Yes folks, the “Bitcher” himself, Gen Urobuchi, is going to write for a brand new anime. And this series will be a YouTube Original, and will be a 3DCG mecha anime titled Obsolete. They even released a new teaser  trailer for this upcoming anime as well:

It will be a “Real Robot” anime, much like Gundamm and Bandai Namco Arts Channel will be streaming it for paid members first in December, before releasing it for free streaming afterwards. They also released a teaser visual featuring the mecha known as Exoframes (Enhanced Xenobiological Organic FRAMEs):

Here is a quote from the official website regarding Exoframes:

The following is an excerpt from the overview of a document made public the same year as the 2014 visitation and “provision of technology by trade” from the Peddler aliens and the hasty formation of the Advisory and Investigation Committee of Alien Technology of the Executive Office of the President of the United States (EOP).

The official report made by the United States government regarding the general-purpose humanoid robots brought in by the aliens was the earliest, thus the term “EXOFRAME” (Enhanced Xenobiological Organic FRAME) it proposed was subsequently popularized worldwide.

In various parts of the report, almost exaggerative expressions show the astonishment towards and high expectations of the alien technology. However, upon entering the Sankt Gallen Arrangement, the government’s disposition towards the EXOFRAME changed, and Investigation Committee of Alien Technology was later disbanded. Afterwards, under executive order, the Extraterrestrial Trade Regulations Bureau was established within the Department of Homeland Security to regulate, observe, and administer this technology. Excerpt from the “Presidential Report on the Alien Technology Investigation” The investigation Committee of Alien Technology Chairman, George M. Campbell We have decided to call the consciousness-controlled general-use humanoid robot “Enhanced Xenobiological Organic FRAME”, or “EXOFRAME”.

Height of Head Standing Upright: 255cm (8’5″)

Weight: 269kg (593lb)

It seems that aliens granted humanity these weapons, which became cheaper to operate than standard military equipment. However, they gave them to humans in exchange for limestone. Now, they have spread throughout the world.

Hiroki Yamada and Seiichi Shirato are co-directing the series over CG studio Buemon. And of course, the legendary and infamous Urobutcher himself, Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass) is writing the story.

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