My Hero Academia fans, are you ready for Season 4?! Well, don’t worry, because it’s almost here! And now, Toho Animation has released a brand new PV for the upcoming anime. It previews the OP theme song “Polaris” by Blue Encount, and also introduces us to Eri.

Seiran Kobayashi will be responsible for voicing Eri in the new anime, which will cover the Hero Intern arc from the manga. The arc began in the manga’s 14th volume and introduces a new threat that can shut down quirks. The anime’s story will be continuing from where the third season left off.

And while Blue Encount performed the OP song, Sayuri is performing the ED song, Koukai no Uta. The anime itself will premiere in Japan on October 12, 2019. Now who is ready for Season 4?!

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