Key/Visual Arts has been a huge partner for Kyoto Animation through the years, as the studio animated various Key visual novels, such as Clannad, Kanon, and Air. However, it seems like the attack on Kyoto Animation which killed 35 people has inspired others to threaten Visual Arts as well. A 25-year old man allegedly sent threatening messages from Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture to the Osaka-based company. He allegedly posted threats via Twitter, saying that he is preparing gasoline for the company.

The man not only sent the threats to the company itself, but also to its executives and various employees. Local Japanese police recently arrested the man for sending those threats. This comes two months after the tragedy which happened to Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 where a man set the studio on fire and killed 35 people, including a few well known directors and animators.

The KyoAni fire seems to have emboldened several people. Recently, police also arrested a man for threatening game company Square Enix with a KyoAni-like attack. Another was also arrested for threatening to burn down the Hokkaido headquarters of the LINE messaging and social media app. But the good news is that the Japanese police has become more and more vigilant with each threat.

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source: MBS News


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