After revealing actor Hiroki Iino as the protagonist/Joker for the live-action Persona 5 stage play, the play’s official Twitter page has now revealed other cast members in costume as well. These includes the actors for Ann, Goro, Kohei, and more.

Hiroki Iino as the protagonist/Joker

Kohei Shiota as Ryuji Sakamoto and Yuki Odera as Ann Takamaki

 (left to right): Yoshihide Sasaki as Goro Akechi, Koji Kominami as Yusuke Kitagawa, and Kaoru Marimura as Sae Nijima

(Left to right): Taishu Nukanobu as Yuuki Mishima, Yu Saotome as Shiho Suzui, Takuo Yamagishi as The Principal, and Shun Takagi as Saguro Kamoshida

Ono’s character is simply named “the protagonist as of the moment, as it still isn’t clear if the adaptation will be following the anime adaptation’s naming, Ren Amamiya, or the manga’s, which is Akira Kurusu. It might also be possible if they give him a new name entirely as well.

The play is scheduled to run in December. Its first run will be from December 13-15 at Osaka’s Hotel Mielparque Theater. They will then transfer to Tokyo’s The Galaxy Theater from December 19-29, 2019.

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