The Pirated manga aggregator app Manga Rock is no more. The staff of the illegal manga app recently told J-Cast news that they are shutting down their service. Their app is still available, but the website for it is now inaccessible. According to ANN, “the website and Facebook page for Hong Kong-based technology company Noizer Limited’s subsidiary Not a Basement Studio, the Vietnamese company that manages Manga Rock, are also inaccessible.”

In an interview with J-Cast News, Not a Basement Studio stated that Manga Rock started as a project when the staff were college students, and it gathered scanlations that were already released. They also added:

At that time, we didn’t understand the manga industry, and we didn’t know the origin of the scanlations (including things without official licenses). As time has passed, we have come to understand the damage being incurred by manga creators and publishers. Moreover, as Manga Rock’s popularity increased more and more, the damage also increased. Therefore we are deeply reflecting on our role in accelerating the popularity of scanlations, and we give our heartfelt apologies to the victims, manga creators and publishers. As a result, we plan to shut down our scanlation website and app. We also recommend that similar scanlation sites (there are many) shut down as well. We are truly sorry for causing problems for the manga industry.

Not A Basement Studio claims that it does not have any affiliation with the website that hosted the unauthorized manga scans. Their app also states that “All manga, character, and logos belong to their respective copyright owners”. It is just the latest pirated manga service to get shut down in Japan, following Mangamura in 2018.

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Source: J-Cast news via ANN


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