BlockPunk, a Singapore-based entertainment startup focused on blockchain technology, is pleased to announce that pre-orders are now open for Saki Nikaido, the fourth character from Studio Mappa’s hit anime series Zombie Land Saga to be immortalised as collectible blockchain art prints on The characters are available under the Studio Mappa storefront on BlockPunk including Ai Mizuno, Sakura Minamoto and Junko Konno.

50 lucky buyers will picked at random to receive a postcard signed by Asami Tano, the voice actress who plays Saki Nikaido in the series.

BlockPunk collaborated with its investor Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (“DNP”), Japan’s largest printing company to produce the prints. DNP’s print technology ensures that the artwork is of the highest replica quality and fine tuned manually by the printing director in consultation with the artist Kasumi Fukagawa, character designer for the series. Each print comes with an NFC chip on the back of the print that can be scanned with a smartphone to display a digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain. The certificate shows the title and creator detail in addition to proving who the buyer and owner is.  Since the record is on blockchain it is un-hackable and immutable giving a higher level of authenticity than possible before.

Each print comes bundled with 2 exclusive extras:

(1) Postcards: 50 buyers who order between 9/20 and 10/20 will be chosen at random to receive a free postcard bundled with their order signed by Asami Tano the voice actress for Saki Nikaido. All other buyers will still receive the postcard but without the autograph.

2) Crypto Art: Each buyer will receive the digital art version of the artwork secured on blockchain. Crypto Art is a digital collectible that can be kept or resold like a physical product. Since it is recorded on blockchain it is provably scarce and its ownership can be tracked.

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Studio Mappa on Zombie Land Saga. Saki Nikaido looks stunning in orange! We are well on our way to more efficient merchandise distribution across the world using blockchain print-on-demand”

– Julian Lai-Hung, CEO/Co-Founder of BlockPunk

Smart Art Prints for Saki, Ai, Sakura and Junko from FranChouChou will be on display at DNP’s Tokyo Anime Center from 9/20 at the “Zombie Land Saga: Episode 12.5 Walking With Dead Saga” Exhibition in Ichigaya, Tokyo. Preorders can be placed now at  

Products will ship in order from December 2019. Orders from outside Japan will incur a shipping fee. Prices exclusive of local sales taxes. All details on

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