Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the bitter-bitter-sweet trio of Yukino, Hachiman, and Yui, as Wataru Watari’s My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU light novels will be ending its run on November 19 with the release of its 14th and final volume. This comes after a delay to the release, which pushed back the release date from November 2018, before moving it to March. And yes, it  got delayed again. However, GAGAGA Bunko’s official Twitter account announced the end date and promised that they will really be releasing the final volume this time, with no delays.

GAGAGA Bunko also added that the final volume will have the most pages out of all of the series’ volumes so far. In other words, this is gonna be a long one guys! Kinda makes the anticipation of who Hachiman ends up with really exciting, huh?

Wataru Watari started the light novels in 2011, before getting an anime adaptation in 2013, which also inspired a second season. A third season for the anime is already in the works. The light novels entered their final arc in 2015 with Volume 12, and is about to end with Volume 14 this November.

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