Ladies and gentlemen, Jashin-chan is returning for a second season of Dropkick on My Devil! And with the release of the manga’s 13th Tankoubon volume, they announce that the anime will be premiering sooner than many expected. In fact, the manga’s announcement reveals that it’s slated for Spring 2020!

Staff previously promised fans that if the Blu-ray release of the first season would reach 2,000 sales, then they would make a second season. The sales far surpassed that amount, and the staff followed through on their promise of a new season. They previously revealed a key visual for the new anime through this link.

Here’s how Amazon Prime describes the first season’s story:

Jashin-chan, a devil from Hell was abruptly summoned to the human world by Yurine Hanazono, a stoic college student who lives in a run-down apartment in Jinbocho. They’re forced to become roommates since Yurine doesn’t know how to send Jashin-chan back. But according to Jashin-chan, she could return by killing Yurine, so she takes action…?! A viperous roomie comedy that keeps you on your toes!

So there you have it folks, season 2 is officially happening! Expect the staff to reveal more details in the days to come.

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