Almost three months after the horrific arson fire, another victim has now passed away. Reports describe the victim as female, and the Mainichi Shimbun has reported that she passed away due to Septic Shock. She was one of the victims that were still hospitalized after surviving the arson attack last July. Authorities and news outlets did not release the victim’s name.

Reports also indicate that the woman, who was confirmed as a Kyoto Animation employee, was in KyoAni’s Studio-1 building’s first floor when the fire happened. She did manage to escape the building though, but suffered sever burns throughout her body. She was still at the hospital getting treatment when she passed away last October 4, 2019. May her soul rest in peace.

As for the others still at the hospital, police reported that there are still five of them left, as others who were recovering have been released. Police previously reported that 34 of the burn victims were out of danger, though it isn’t sure if this new casualty was one of those 34 that the police mentioned.

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source: Mainichi Shimbun


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