Kyoto Animation may have received billions of yen worth of donations from all over the world after that horrific arson fire which killed 35 people, and all of those still hospitalized are now slowly recovering, but  it seems not all is well. KyoAni’s official website recently released a statement regarding their physical store, and it will be remaining closed until March.

Their statement about their physical store reads:

To our customers.
About Kyoani&Do Shop! Physical Store, We apologize that we will be closed the physical store temporarily until March of 2020. And We are considering how we will operate when we resume physical store’s business.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

While the physical store isn’t anywhere near Studio 1, where the fire happened, KyoAni has decided to temporarily shutter it as they focus more on recovering from that tragedy. It might be for the best though, so fans visiting Kyoto, just scratch off the KyoAni physical store visit for now and maybe head to Studio 1 and offer some flowers instead.

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