Pokemon Sword and Shield has announced a new Galarian version of an old Pokemon species, and this time, it’s Ponyta! Of coursem unicorns inspired this new Galarian Ponyta, which is a Psychic-type. Sorry My Little Pony Bronies, this one ain’t a Fairy-type as many expected.

Galarian Ponyta is a psychic-type because it has absorbed the energy of a certain forest. And if it absorbs enough life energy, its main will actuially glow, much like the original fire-type Ponyta! It has an ability called Pastel Veil, which prevents itself and its allies/partners to be poisoned. It also heals poisoned Pokemon when they switch in battle. It can also be found with the ability, Run Away, as well.

However, it is going to be exclusive to Pokemon Shield. They previously revealed Farfertch’d’s evolution, Sirfetch’d as a Sword exclusive.

The games will also introduce a new feature called “Max Raid Battles” which can allow up to four people to join in in a Pokemon battle. It works similarly to Pokemon GO’s raid battles basically. Aside from that, they’re also introducing “Wild Areas,” which are open areas between cities for  trainers to explore, and there will be wild Pokemon moving about. Pokemon Sword and Shield  will be released for the Nintendo Switch globally on November 15.

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