Pokemon Sword and Shield finally hits stores next month, and we’re finally getting a preview of the game’s still-unnamed first town. The Pokemon Company first released the gameplay video to members of Japan’s Secret Member’s Club, and it comes complete with music and sound effects, with no commentary.

The new games will also have the new Battle Stadium feature, which lets players battle other players from all over the world. However, players must have a paid Nintendo Online membership to be able to use this feature. And of course, it adds the new Dynamax Battle where one Pokemon enlarges to unlock new abilities.

The games will also introduce a new feature called “Max Raid Battles” which can allow up to four people to join in in a Pokemon battle. It works similarly to Pokemon GO’s raid battles basically. Aside from that, they’re also introducing “Wild Areas,” which are open areas between cities for  trainers to explore, and there will be wild Pokemon moving about. Pokemon Sword and Shield  will be released for the Nintendo Switch globally on November 15.

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