The new Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend fine movie finally premieres in Japan today. And to get fans even more excited and watch the new movie, the film’s official Twitter account has now released its new web trailer:

As the trailer reveals, the movie will premiere in October 26, 2019. It will continue the story of the anime from where Season 2 left off. As for the video, it also previews the film’s theme song “glory days” by Luna Haruna. Here is the movie’s poster visual:

Kanta Kamei, who directed the anime, will be returning, but now as chief director, with episode director Akihisa Shibata now promoted to director. Cloverworks will once again be producing the animation, with creator Fumiaki Maruto returning to write the script. And unlike many anime films, this won’t be a compilation but a completely new work!

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