As Sailor Moon celebrates its silver (25th) anniversary, they;re teaming up with Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare to help raise awareness about HIV and STDs. The collaboration is also teaming up with Japan’s leading condom manufacturer, Okamoto, to help spread the message. In fact, they’re even making official Sailor Moon condoms!

Previously, Sailor Moon has teamed up with the Ministry for the same reason back in 2016. And for this year, they’re also teaming up with AAA (Act Against AIDS), Okamoto Travers Institute, AIDS Prevention Foundation, Fukuoka CROSS FM, and Hiroshima FM Broadcasting to really spread awareness.

They will be giving out these condoms to people for free in several areas in Japan. These include Markis in Fukuoka on October 5, and then Alice Garden near PARCO Hiroshima on October 14. However, better be quick as these condoms are available only while supplies last. And yes, the government intends people to use them and not just add them to their collections…

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source: Sailor Moon Official 


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