The Fall 2019 anime season is really full of great sequels, remakes, and spin-offs. From the new seasons of Psycho-Pass, My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, and Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, to spin-offs like the new Fate/Grand Order anime, and the Cooking Master Boy remake. However, there are also plenty of other new titles out there. Here are seven new titles to watch out for next season.

Again, these are new titles, so no new seasons, spin-offs, sequels, and remakes like the ones we mentioned above. And without further ado, here are our picks:

Azur Lane


Grotesque, strong enemy called Siren has suddenly appeared from the sea. In order to fight against them, a group of army Azure Lane has formed. They were successful in stopping the attack from Siren for a moment using warships, the different ideals from the people who formed it has shown. The story is about girls fight the strong enemies that they never face while dealing with the trouble in each camp.

Yes folks, another Warship anime. So if you like Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Kantai Collection, or even High School Fleet and love playing World of Warships, this anime is for you!

No Guns Life


Ex-soldier Juuzou Inui has one question—who turned him into a cyborg and erased his memories?

After the war, cyborg soldiers known as the Extended were discharged. Juzo Inui is one of them, a man whose body was transformed, his head replaced with a giant gun! With no memory of his previous life—or who replaced his head and why—Inui now scratches out a living in the dark streets of the city as a Resolver, taking on cases involving the Extended.

When a fellow Extended showed up in Inui’s office—on the run from the Security Bureau with a kidnapped child in tow and asking for help—Inui should have just thrown the guy out. But Inui’s loyalty to a brother Extended makes him take the job. Keeping the child safe won’t be easy, since everyone seems to want to grab him, from street punks to the megacorporation Berühren, who have sent out a special agent that knows exactly how to deal with the Extended…

A gritty and futuristic science fiction action anime with a protagonist with a gun for a head… just what we need right now!



In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescences of Cherryton Academy, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness.

The main character is Regoshi the wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he’s been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.

The source manga for this anime has won a ton of awards, both in Japan and overseas. It has been praised by critics and fans alike! People might really enjoy this given the mangaka’s pedigree, as she’s really the daughter of the mangaka behind Baki. Also, even if you’re not a furry, you might enjoy its story as well.

Ahiru no Sora


A stout, weak, yet highly passionate Sora Kurumatani enters Kuzuryuu High School with hopes that he’ll fulfill his mother’s wishes to dominate his first high school tournament. However, the basketball club—turned den for delinquents—does anything but play basketball! Its club members, Momoharu Hanazono, a skilled blocker who can do power jumps but is horrible at shooting, and his twin brother Chiaki, a talented point guard, has also lost interest in the sport. With just one game overwhelmed with adrenaline rush and excitement, and Sora’s pure love for the game, the youth’s burning out spirit for basketball rekindles.

Missed Kuroko’s Basketball and Slam Dunk? Well this one might be for you!

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious


Goddess Listarte, the savior of the super hard-mode world Gairbrunde, summons a hero to her aid. The hero, Seiya Ryuuguuin, holds the cheat-rank status, but he is ridiculously cautious. For instance, he would buy three sets of armor: one to wear, a spare, and a spare for the spare. Beyond keeping an absurd amount of item stock, he remains in his room for muscle training till he reaches the max level and fights slimes at full power just to stay on the safe side.

Ahhh… our obligatory Isekai pick. And yes, it’s another one with an overpowered protagonist.

Houkago Saikoro Club


A story about girls playing board games after school!

Kyoto in Spring. Aya is a high school girl who’s just moved to a new town. Miki is her shy classmate, and her first friend. One day after school Aya and Miki follow the committee president Midori to a speciality board games store. The Dice Club!! Without thinking they try out a German board game together.

These girls, who are searching for fun, soon fall into the exciting world of games!

We’re really excited for this one, as many of us here are also Tabletop gamers. In fact, I do Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40,000, Pokemon TCG, and more! I cannot really explain my happiness about an anime about tabletop gaming.

Assassins Pride


In the world where only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster—mana. A youth named Kufa is dispatched as a tutor to find Mareida’s talent, a nuisance girl born in a duke’s family. If she is not talented, assassinate her—that, is the dark side of his task…

A very interesting premise to be honest. Hopefully, it could live up to its potential…

So there you have it folks, our picks for new anime titles to look forward to this Fall 2019. Stay tuned again tomorrow for our picks for the returning anime. These include the sequels, new seasons, spin-offs, and remakes!

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